About Me

Hello! I'm Alondra, and my artist name is ARTSYSTARES! 

I'm a Latina artist/ illustrator living Southern California with my partner and my cat named Kimchi. She was adopted from a rescue and ever since she has been a big part of my life! If you can't tell, I make alot of artwork based off her :D

I like to work digitally for the most part but i also like to paint with gouache and acrylic paint. I love to create illustrative and vibrant work where I bring what is inspiring me at the moment and my cultural upbringing into my illustrations. 

On my free time I love going to the movies because I love the atmosphere and most importantly the popcorn! I enjoy going to a cafe to do some sketching, getting boba, exploring new places and watching animated shows. Growing up it was my dream to be an artist or work in the creative field so I'm grateful to be able to work towards creating an art shop that I pour my love in.

Thank you for all the support it forever means so much <3